Japanese language courses

We are a private Japanese language Institute involved in language training of IT professionals at software companies and also private students. We have been training students and professionals since 1992. We have centers in Mumbai and Pune.

online courses for Japanese

JLPT Based courses N5, N4, N3, N2, N1
Comprises of Basic 1 - N5 and Basic 2 - N4,
Intermediate 1 - N3, Intermediate 2 - N2,
Advanced - N1

Corporate Courses

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For those who want to make their career in teaching, translation and interpretation of Japanese. For language enthusiasts, for those looking for jobs in Japan and software people working on Japanese projects and business professionals.


Our regular courses for companies:
Besides our regular courses and cultural workshops at company's or our premises we also hold online courses through conferencing using skype, you can contact us at the phone numbers below for these courses.

1) Beginner's Level Regular Course (equivalent to Level N5 of JLPT):
Content: Conversation, reading and writing of basic level with equal emphasis on all the three skills.
Objective: Aimed at people planning to take the level 5 exam of JLPT /interested in continuing further gradually to the level of translation / interpretation skill.
Duration: 120-150 hours (approximately 6 months)

2) Intermediate Level Regular Course (equivalent to Level N4 of JLPT):
Content: Conversation, reading and writing of intermediate level with equal emphasis on all the three skills.
Objective: Aimed at people planning to take the level 4 exam of JLPT/ who have already completed the beginner's level regular course and are further interested in continuing to the level of translation/ interpretation skill.
Duration: 120-150 hours (approximately 6 months)

3) Culture Oriented Survival Japanese Conversational Course :
Content : Totally conversational with no knowledge of the script
Objective : Aimed at people frequently visiting Japan on very short business trips, or entertaining Japanese clients in India.
Duration : 20 hours

4) Basic Survival Japanese (No Script)
Objective: A beginner’s course in Japanese language with emphasis on grammatical knowledge; required as the foundation for various other courses
Duration: 60 hours 

5) Office  Japanese
Objective: Japanese at workplace – includes e-mail communication, reporting about one’s work, generation of queries etc. (Knowledge of basic Japanese a must)
Duration: 10 hours (without a course on basic japanese) / 60 hours (with a course on basic Japanese)

6) Business Mannerism & Etiquette
Objective: Interaction with Japanese clients with focus on Business Mannerism and Etiquette in Japanese workplace (Prior knowledge of Japanese is not required)
Duration: 10 hours 

7) Telephone usage
Objective: Carrying out telephone-communication at Japanese companies
Duration : 50 Hours. (Candidates are required to have a prior knowledge of basic Japanese, equivalent to Level N4 of JLPT)

8) Software-oriented Technical Business Japanese: (for corporate only)
Content: Japanese language knowledge required for translation and understanding of software- related documents and specifications.
Objective: Aimed at software companies doing regular business with Japan in the software field. (Candidates are required to have successfully completed Level N4 of the JLPT)
Duration: 250 hours (approximately 6 ½ months)


Address :

Mumbai - Lokhandwala Complex, Kandivali (E) , Mumbai - 400101

Pune - Sensei Academy of Japanese Language, C1-504, Ganga Osian Meadows, Thergaon, Chinchwad, Near Aditya Birla Hospital, Pune - 411033

Contact No : Divya 9833030603, Amit 9892159969
Email : divyasensei at yahoo.com, senseiacademy at gmail.com